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February 2010 E-Newsletter

Table of Contents
Upcoming Events 

  • Making Your Media Matter Conference
  • WeMedia Game Changer Vote
  • Real Screen Summit
  • Making Media Work
  • Voices of Terezin
  • Free Culture Conference
  • Diversifying Participation and Ethical Standards  
  • Center at SXSW Conference
Future of Public Media  
  • Beyond the Echo Chamber Book Release
  • Assessing Inclusion as a Central Element in Public Media 2.0
  • FCC Future of Public Media
  • Public Participation As Public Media
  •  Miro Features the Center 
  •  Public Media 2.0 Showcase 
  •  Impact Outside of the Box

Fair Use and Copyright  


  • World's Fair Use Day
  • True Tales of Fair Use: Katy Chevigny
  • Fair Use at Educause Learning Initiative  
  • Fair Use in the Military  
  • Fair Use Question of the Month: Clips from TV to Make a Music Video
Evolving Doc 

  • Interview with Producer of Precious
  • The Center at Sundance
  • Survival
  • Watch The Reckoning Online
Other News 
  • Robert Flaherty Film Seminar
  • The Eyes of Me Screening
  •  Prix Europa 2009 Best Documentaries
  • The Most Dangerous Man in America Opening


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February 2010
With only two weeks left until Making Your Media Matter, we're in high gear to present another fantastic conference.  We hope you'll join us!  You can register here.
I also hope you'll take a moment to vote for Center Director Pat Aufderheide to be the keynoter for this year's We Media Game Changer Awards.  Pat has been nominated for her work in fair use, and I hope you'll take the time to help her get some deserved recognition as a game changer!
See you February 11!
Alison Hanold
Associate Director 

Making Your Media Matter
Feb 11-12th, 2010
American University
Real Stories, Real Impact

Making Your Media Matter is two weeks away and seats are going fast, so register today. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this annual opportunity for filmmakers, nonprofit communications leaders, teachers and students to network and share success stories and lessons learned.  


$100, $50 students.

This year's conference will feature a keynote from Pamela Yates and Paco de Onis, makers of The Reckoning, on strategic partnerships and design for your project, and panels on developing synergies in your subject field, an ethics workshop, and fiction films for change. In preparation for the keynote address, you can watch The Reckoning online for free until January 31, 2010 courtesy of POV.

MYMM is presented in partnership with the Media That Matters Festival, which is a project of Arts Engine, Inc.
Vote for Pat Aufderheide as a WeMedia Gamechanger
gamechanger 2010The Center's Pat Aufderheide was nominated as a GameChanger by members of the WeMedia community. If enough people vote for her, Pat could be chosen to give a keynote at the WeMedia annual conference, where cutting-edge strategies in collaborative and participatory media are featured. It was Pat's work on fair use that attracted attention in the WeMedia community. You don't need to register  to vote. Vote here!
The Center at Real Screen
February 1-3
Washington DC
balladIf you're going to RealScreen, look for Pat Aufderheide. RealScreen is the biggest annual gathering of documentary producers for U.S. cable channels. On Monday, Feb. 1, Pat will be presenting a workshop, with Peter Jaszi and Michael Donaldson, on the latest developments in fair use for filmmakers. On Tuesday, Feb. 2, Pat will moderate a panel on ethical challenges of documentary filmmakers. AU School of Communication professor Maggie Stogner, a renowned natural history filmmaker, joins her on the panel, along with Joe Berlinger (Crude) and Michael Donaldson. They will all be telling true stories about ethical crises, in an interactive session with the audience.  If you can't make it, we'll be taking good notes to share with you in the next newsletter. Register here. 
Making Media Work
Tuesday February 9, 2010
New America Foundation
Washington DC
The economics of media have been turned upside down in recent years, and many organizations are still struggling to make sense of the new landscape. Our very own Future of Public Media Project Director Jessica Clark and Tracy Van Slyke of The Media Consortium will discuss how the practice of journalism is transforming in the networked age. More info here>>> 
Voices of Terezin: Art as a Strategy for Survival
January 11 - April 23
American University
The Center has joined a campus-wide effort to remember survivors of a prison camp from World War II: Terezin.

TerezĂ­n, a city northwest of Prague, was the location of a concentration camp. During the course of the war, it held about 100,000 people, a large number of which were artists and musicians.
We'll be featuring the film Flight as part of the program
For a complete list of events, click here>>>


Free Culture Conference
free cultureStudents for Free Culture is convening the international free culture community for two days of networking, learning and acting. Free Culture X, the 2010 conference of SFC, will take place on February 13th and 14th at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The vision is to bring together student activists and free culture luminaries to discuss free software and open standards, open access scholarship, open educational resources, network neutrality, and university patent policy, especially in the context of higher education. Check out the schedule, or register now.

Highlights include: presentations from Johnathan Zittrain, Gigi Sohn and the Center's Pat Aufderheide.

Diversifying Participation and Ethical Standards


Pat Aufderheide will participate in a panel on ethical standards and practices for the digital era at the Diversifying Participation: Digital Media and Learning Conference, to be held Feb. 18-20 in La Jolla, CA. The conference, funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, is an inclusive, international and annual gathering of scholars and practitioners in the field, focused on fostering interdisciplinary and participatory dialog and linking theory, empirical study, policy, and practice.

Center at SXSW Conference: Remixers and Green Machines

balladThinking of going to the South by SouthWest film and interactive festival and conference? It's a great venue to figure out where the cutting edge of digital practice is. The Center's Pat Aufderheide is moderating a panel on savvy use of archival and other copyrighted material: "Remix goes mainstream: Making mashups pay." As well, SOC professor Larry Engel, who co-created the Center's Code of Best Practices in Sustainable Filmmaking is also hosting a panel, "The Mean Green Sustainability Machine." You can register here>>>


On February 9, a new book

co-authored by Center for Social Media's Jessica Clark will be released by the New Press: Beyond the Echo Chamber: Reshaping Politics Through Networked Progressive Media. Through interviews and case studies with leading progressive outlets and makers, the book examines the evolution of this sector from 2004-2008. A strategic guide to making high-impact political media in the networked era, Beyond The Echo Chamber is sure to appeal to makers, funders, researchers and students. If you live in DC, don't miss the launch party for the book on Feb. 10 at Busboys and Poets.


Accessing Inclusion as a Central Element of Public Media 2.0

Over the course of the Spring, Future of Public Media Project Director Jessica Clark and Research Fellow Katie Donnelly will be examining methods for assessing various elements that contribute to high-impact public media projects. Different communities of media makers value particular elements of impact more strongly than others. While journalists may focus more emphatically on reach, trust, and relevance, issue-driven media makers hone in on engagement and influence. Read more here>>>


Public Participation as Public Media
open internetThe Center for Social Media defines "public media" as platforms and projects that convene publics around shared issues. Read Chris Ali's article which takes this concept one step further to include public participation in policy making through digital platforms. Take for instance the Federal Communications Commission, which has scoured the nation in search of information related to broadband Internet as part of its fact-finding mission to draft the country's first National Broadband Plan. Read more here>>> 

Media Makers, have your say! FCC Call for Comments

The Federal Communications Commission has also just issued an unprecedented call for comments on the future of media, and the information needs of communities in a digital age. If you're concerned about this topic, don't miss this chance to weigh in on the debate about how policy can shape our media ecosystem. You don't need to be a lawyer or a lobbyist to contribute. Read on>>>  

Public Media 2.0 Showcase


global action projectThis month's Public Media 2.0 Showcase explores projects that demonstrate impact in the categories of inclusion, engagement and influence. "Colorlines transitions from print to mobile" takes a look at the changing norms at the national racial justice magazine, "Why youth media should link up with public media" explores the connections between these two related fields and "Joshua Berg highlights civic engagement, influence of Web video in political campaigns" examines a recently published article by AU SOC graduate Joshua Berg. Read the showcase here>>>
Center's Blip.TV Page Featured on Miro
balladThe Center for Social Media's blip.tv channel, where we host all of the videos from our events (like the Human Rights Film Series and last year's Making Your Media Matter conference) is being featured on the Miro Channel Guide here. Check out the promo for our upcoming Making Your Media Matter Conference, and sign up for the RSS feed of our videos, so you can always see the latest that's happening at the Center!

World's Fair Use Day

WFUDThe Washington, D.C. public interest organization Public Knowledge hosted World's Fair Use Day on January 12, providing a much-needed focus on fair use as a key asset of copyright policy. For too long, chit chat on copyright has focused on the (all too real) creative stranglehold of "long and strong" copyright ownership, without featuring part of the solution: the highly flexible and adaptable doctrine of fair use. Read on>>> 

True Tales of Fair Use: Katy Chevigny

Going into the fifth year after the publishing of Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use, filmmakers are beginning to be each other's teachers. On a recent trip to New York, Pat had the pleasure of dining with Katy Chevigny, executive director of Arts Engine. Along with making splendid films, Arts Engine runs the Media That Matters film festival.

Katy Chevigny is a "born again" fair user, she says. She also teaches about fair use, both at the IFP Rough Cut Lab and with Arts Engine's Media That Matters filmmakers. She tells a compare-and-contrast story that's worth sharing. Read it here>>>

Fair Use in the Military

On January 22, communications experts from the Department of Defense got together in northern Virginia, to share their challenges with incorporating social media. Center's Director Pat Aufderheide was there to give a presentation on Fair Use.  She was happy to see such a knowledgeable, engaged, and (as is typical of the military) nicely diverse crowd. She was also surprised to see that it is not as easy as one might think to bring Twitter and Facebook to the Army, as the creators of my.army.mil and of the site for JIEDDO (Joint IED Defeat Organization) explained. Read her blog here>>>

Fair Use at Educause Learning Initiative

balladAt Educause's Learning Initiative conference, the tech experts at universities around the country get together to compare notes on how best to use technology to help learning. At this year's meeting on Jan. 19 in Austin, TX, members discussed with Center Director Pat Aufderheide how university copyright policies get in their way. They need fair use to be able to help faculty and students make videos for class; to help faculty understand what they can and can't put on their websites; to help librarians move productively to a digital environment. Read more here>>>

Fair Use Question of the Month:  Clips from a TV Show to Make a Music Video


Every month the Center for Social Media answers a new question concerning fair use. This month's question deals with using clips from a TV show to make a music video. The key here is whether or not the music video has any tranformative value. Read more here>>>

Evolving Documentary  
 An Interview with Lisa Cortes

preciousAs we gear up for next month's Making Your Media Matter Conference on February 11 & 12 (if you haven't yet registered, you still can here), we're looking forward to hearing what Lisa Cortes, producer of Precious, is going to have to say on our Fiction for Change panel. Since its debut at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Precious has been making waves for its gripping portrayal of 16 year-old Precious, an obese, illiterate and pregnant teenager who is struggling to change the direction of her life.
Check out this interview with Lisa Cortes.

Fair Use at the Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival isn't just a showcase for movies, but also a place to meet people and exchange information. At the Filmmakers' Lodge, the festival annually provides space to nonprofits supporting independents at their Outreach Table. Read Center fellow Mike Shubbuck's report from the (cold) front at the 2010 fest here>>>  

Watch The Reckoning online free



POV is hosting The Reckoning film online for free for a limited time.

For those of you headed to Making Your Media Matter, this is a chance for you to watch the most recent film created by keynoters: Pamela Yates and Paco De Onis.

Robert Flaherty Film Seminar

flahertyRegister today for the 56th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, taking place June 19-25 at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York.
Work consumes our daily lives - as a means of survival, a badge of identity, and a lifelong source of joy or sorrow. Bringing together a wide range of films, videos, and installations by guests of varying backgrounds and philosophies, the 2010 Robert Flaherty Film Seminar will examine the ways in which artists depict and explore the daily rituals and larger implications of work as well as the changing nature of work and the workplace. 
Community Cinema presents The Eyes of Me
eyesofmeFour blind teens.
One dynamic year.
How do you see yourself, when you can't see at all?
The Eyes of Me presents an extraordinary look at four blind teenagers - two freshmen and two seniors - over the course of one year at the Texas School for the Blind in Austin.
Sunday, February 14 at 3 PM - Washington DC Jewish Community Center, 1529 16th Street, NW at Q. 
Sunday, February 28 at 5 PM - Busboys and Poets, 2021 14th Street, NW. 
The events are FREE and open to the general public.  RSVP eyesofme@communitycinema-dc.org or call 202-939-0794.
Prix Europa 2009 Best Documentaries
Presented by Bill Gilcher and Alex van Oss
What is sound-rich audio? Is it the new TV?

Every October, the Prix Europa competition is held in Berlin's Haus des Rundfunks, bringing together the best Europe has to offer in radio, television, and emerging media.

Hear and discuss sound-rich audio from the 2009 competition, including excerpts from:
"Hark, the Acoustic World of Elizabethan England," Co-produced in St. John's, Newfoundland, Vancouver, BC, and London by Chris Brookes, Paolo Pietropaolo. More details here>>>

The Most Dangerous Man screening



most dangerous man in americaThe Most Dangerous Man in America is the story of what happens when a former Pentagon insider, armed only with his conscience, steadfast determination, and a file cabinet full of classified documents, decides to challenge an "Imperial" Presidency-answerable to neither Congress, the press, nor the people-in order to help end the Vietnam War. 


Opens at E Street Cinema

February 12th
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