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Victory for Google Books and Fair Use

A major legal victory for Google Books is also a major win for fair use, free expression and innovation. And the judge who wrote the decision will be on campus Nov. 12 to talk about it and more.Read more...

Photojournalism From the Inside: The Bill Gentile Collection

Photography and journalism students, among others, now have a rich new resource in the 30,000 photographs 
donated by international journalist and American University professor Bill Gentile.

Daisy and Max: Can Police Let Violence Intervention Work?

 Daisy and MaxDaisy and Max, Jennifer Maytorena Taylor’s quietly heartbreaking film about a family torn apart by ill-conceived programs to quell gang violence, generated a lively discussion about the best approach to address youth violence. The best approach: Treat it as a public health problem.Read more...

Diversity in Independent TV Documentaries: Is Public TV Different?


A CMSI audit of documentary series on commercial and public TV has found that the most diverse documentary series on TV are Independent Lens and POV, public TV series. They are more diverse than both commercial series and other public TV series. But commercial TV has plenty of women and minority producers, and is ahead of most public TV shows in key diversity areas.Read more...