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What the Broadcasters are doing

A few broadcasters display and discuss their efforts, the opportunities and obstacles they have experienced, with incorporating, experimenting with, or using participatory and emerging social media tools. Read more...

Reinventing the Gatekeeper

At every stage, from the intellectual property rights around content production to the technical and regulatory design of the network, vibrant participatory communications media depend on a delicate balance between the realm of property and the commons. If you wanted to upset that balance, to sap the communications revolution of much of its vitality, what should you do? Speaker: James Boyle, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Director of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School

Community Technology and Public Discourse

Community technology expert Felicia M. Sullivan provides an in-depth analysis of community technology centers and community networks as tools for public discourse and action.

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Public Media and the Smithsonian Controversy

What is the obligation of "the Nation's Attic" to the public? That was the question when the Smithsonian Institution announced a new arrangement with CBS/Showtime to create content, Smithsonian on Demand, for a new digital channel. In a cloudy press release, the national museum announced that henceforth, if a filmmaker wanted to make a film using substantial amounts of Smithsonian materials, that filmmaker had to give digital channel first chance at the film. Would that mean that public television productions would not get made? Read more...

Fair Use Featured at CINE Awards

The importance and useability of Fair Use for filmmakers was featured at the CINE awards in Silver Spring, MD on April 18. CSM director Pat Aufderheide and Washington College of Law Professor Peter Jaszi presented a preview version of the Center's latest video, "Fair Use and Free Speech in Documentary Film" to a packed audience for a panel on the Fair Use initiative's first year.Read more...