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IFC Puts Fair Use Guidelines to Work, Wins Big

Cable programmer IFC has boldly adopted an internal Fair Use guideline, after saving itself hundreds of thousands of dollars by invoking Fair Use of Hollywood film clips for the upcoming film Wanderlust. Lawyer Michael Donaldson, who conducted negotiations, was an advisor to the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use, and used the Statement in his work. Read more...

Center Director Submits Testimony on Smithsonian/Showtime Controversy

3, director of the Center for Social Media, testified on May 25, 2006 before the House Committee on House Administration to raise concerns on the Smithsonian’s 30-year joint venture with Showtime Networks Inc. Aufderheide’s testimony follows an April 17, 2006 public letter that echoes similar concerns to the Smithsonian director Lawrence Small.

The pending Smithsonian arrangement is for Showtime to manage Smithsonian content for a new digital channel called Smithsonian on Demand. Read more...

Denver's Digital IP Summit

A few weeks back at the Beyond Broadcast Conference, amongst various conversations regarding IP and DRM, I told Pat Aufderheide I'd contribute to this fledgling blog when I attended the Digital IP Summit in Denver (which ended today). 

I planned to follow through on my word, but to tell the truth, there wasn't much to report on. ;)

Surviving or Thriving: Beta Business Models in the New World

What are the sustainability and business implications of these emerging models? What are the opportunities for new resources to support public-service media? Do commercial vs noncommercial distinctions map over to these new spaces of engagement? Is there a case for tax-based support or will a new mix of sponsorship, subscription, listener-support and foundation funding evolve? Read more...

High Order Bit: Just a Pretty Face(book)? What College Students Actually Do Online

Fresh thinking and research about what types of sites and online services college students are using and how their engagement differs by socio-economic background and user attributes.

Speaker: Eszter Hargittai Assistant Professor Northwestern University