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Unseen and Unheard: Doc Storytelling in the Other Washington DC

Unseen and Unheard: Documentary Storytelling in the Other Washington is a new cross-disciplinary course in Anthropology and Filmmaking taught by American University Filmmaker-in-Residence Nina Shapiro-Perl, PhD.Read more...

Making Your Media Matter In Retrospect

A big thank you to everyone who made Making Your Media Matter such a success. This year we packed the house with people sitting in the aisles. Here are a few things people said about Making Your Media Matter 2009:

"The talent among the presenters and participants was inspiring --but even more impressive was the absence of big egos or a sense of competition. Everyone was obviously driven by a passion for their work and willing to share."

"Great program all around. I felt like every moment was productive but not frantic. Thank you!"Read more...

Our Stories, Online

How can young people make videos that not only reveal the terms of their lives, but that invite others to engage with them, share their own stories, and build from story to relationship? That’s what American University lecturer Amy Hendrick did in her project, Our Stories DC, which was funded by the Center for Social Media under a grant to explore the future of public media from the Ford Foundation.Read more...

Keeping the conversation going on Making Your Media Matter

Our fifth annual Making Your Media Matter came to a close on Friday evening, and I was excited to see the buzz in the room about the topic of our last panel -- does making a beautiful film about a "difficult" issue compromise your subject? Has democratized technology made it so that craftsmanship is no longer valued? Does a film with gorgeous cinematography not feel as "real" as one filmed on a camera phone? Everyone had an interesting perspective, and the dialogue between panelists and audience was so active that we are very inspired to keeping it going.Read more...

Tune in for Live Coverage of Making Your Media Matter

Making Your Media Matter 2009 starts tonight, and will continue all day tomorrow. I'll be covering portions of it live on Twitter; watch this space for breaking blog summaries.