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Viewchange.org Takes on Global Poverty

Viewchange.orgSocial-issue documentaries will do nothing less than change the world. That's the argument Caty Borum Chattoo made on Mediarights.org just last month. Chattoo is Assistant Professor in the School of Communication and friend of the Center. Her article illuminates how Viewchange.org is using documentary to end global poverty.

Combining compelling storytelling with news and action campaigns, Viewchange.org is a new kind of "documentary hub." Chattoo points out that Viewchange's unique attraction is not only access to over 400 global documentaries, but that the videos for these social action driven narratives can easily shared and embedded across the Web. This gives social activists at all levels access to content driven by major playerViewchange.orgs "including Devex, InterAction, Save the Children, UNICEF, PSI, Global Health Council, ONE, Comminit, Bread for the World and more."

Viewchange.org seeks to demonstrate what they call real progress, with the belief that these stories will in fact change the world - in this case by pushing toward the Millenium Development Goals. Check out Chattoo's article or the Viewchange.org to see a piece on Challenging Hunger.