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Robert West: Pioneer in Social Documentary

Robert WestRobert West, the co-founder with Judith Helfand of Working Films, who died June 6 of brain cancer, was a pioneer of activist engagement strategies. He never was content with goals of information and education; he wanted to see what difference that information and education could make in the world.

Robert wasn't concerned with niceties (including the ordinary housework of nonprofit bureaucracy, which could sometimes make you crazy). He was in love with social justice and changes that could make it happen.

Robert had a highly productive mix of anger and humor. He harnessed it in Working Films, and he cut a path for activists working in the burgeoning field of engagement work with media.

Want to honor Robert? Honor his passion for social justice and the job of making media matter for it, in your own work. He would love that.

Details care of Working Films:

For those who would like to honor Robert’s life and legacy, contributions can be made to the Robert West Reel Engagement Fund, which will support an issue-driven Working Films’ initiative developed and evolved under Robert’s leadership. Dedicated to innovation, strategy and on-the-ground implementation, this Fund, just like Robert, will be nimble, dynamic, creative and responsive to the many urgent needs for change.