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Designing for Impact - Case Studies (Continued): State of Fear: The Truth about Terrorism

State of FearThis week we are looking at the last case study from the Designing for Impact report by Barbara Abrash and Jessica Clark! We hope you all have learned something by far.

When the documentary "State of Fear: The Truth about Terrorism" was released in 2005, the world was still consumed by the fear of a potential terrorist attack. Military and diplomatic decisions were often labeled and accepted under the umbrella of national security and counter terrorism, no matter how absurd they may seemed. Therefore it is rare to take a critical look at this issue.

"State of Fear" examines the implications behind the "global war on terrorism." It reveals that sometimes the label 'war on terror' can be used as an excuse for political leaders to abuse power; violence and inhumane tragedy can occur in the name of protection; and in this case, democracy can easily be demolished and eventually replaced by dictatorship.

The movie highlights the importance of seeking the truth, even under the state of fear. It offers a brand new perspective on the topic of terrorism. In the past 6 years, it has been broadcasted in 157 countries, translated into 48 languages, and recommended by numerous human rights activists around the world.

In this week's case study, you will be able to see the strategic design behind the movie "State of Fear: The Truth about Terrorism," the global and local campaign it initiated in order to reach both international and Peruvian audiences, and the network it built to help accomplish its goal.

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* A DVD copy of the film is available at AU Media Library.


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