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Designing for Impact - Case studies (Continued)



In this week's case study, we are going to look into the stories of five brave children and their families struggling with pediatric cancer. We will examine the strategic design of the film A Lion in the House, and evaluate its impact on our society.

Here's the intro from the case study:

A Lion in the House is a four-hour documentary series that follows five racially and economically diverse young people, along with their families and caregivers, over six years as they confront pediatric hematological cancer and the aftereffects of treatment at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The series, which identifies health care professionals as key agents of social change, is the centerpiece of a strategic campaign conceived as part of a social movement for equitable and inclusive health care.

The film was broadcast nationally over two nights on the public television series Independent Lens, accompanied by a national, regional and local outreach campaign that brought together service providers, local television stations, and partner organizations. Conceived as a “convener of publics” including health care professionals, families, and health educators, the project has become a resource for a network of professionals and advocates. It has demonstrated how a compelling narrative and well-organized campaign can give visibility to a difficult subject and mobilize a network of support.

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Other case studies featured in the report will be available:

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Nov. 4: The Line

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Nov. 25: State Of Fear: The Truth About Terrorism

Stay tuned!

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