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Public Media Meets HTML5

Mozilla + JournalismThe Knight-Mozilla News Innovation Challenge is officially open and asking participants to use their MoJo* to unlock new ways of storytelling through video. The challenge of “Unlocking Video” is to move beyond the TV-in-a-box presence of video on the web.  

How can videomakers, storytellers and journalists make online video interactive and dynamic? Well that’s your job. But the potential for these new ideas reaches beyond viewing pleasure. It’s an opportunity for the growth of public media.

The transformation of online video from TV to interactive has the potential to also unlock additional entry points for underheard constituencies. This is bridging the engagement gap for what NBPC’s Public Media Corps calls the digital opportunity divide. The News Innovation Challenge is opening up visionary space to change the storytelling approach in newsrooms, but also how the public interacts with media in the future.

In the spirit of public engagement, the Challenge includes a community voting period. Submissions can be made NOW through May 6, 2011.

Two ideas have already made their mark on the “Unlocking Video” page and address issues of access including avenues for distribution of video and open source resources for dynamic HTML5 content. Don’t miss this opportunity to “Get your byline on the future of news.”

*MoJo = Mozilla + Journalism


Knight Mozilla Journalism Partnership from Graham Wheeler on Vimeo.