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Public Media 2.0 is Everywhere

The Center for Social Media’s 6, director of the Future of Public Media Project, has been making the rounds this summer, promoting our report Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics and talking about the potential of social media to create a more democratic and participatory public space.

Clark started with an interview with Zoe Walrond (click to listen here.) of KHSU—an NPR affiliate in Northern California—on the show “Conversations with Paul Mann.” They discussed the future of journalism and the need for new ways to support and create high-quality news in the open, participatory space.

In an interview with journalists Tania Mendoza and Paulo Alves for Dispatches International, Clark argued that citizen journalists play an important role in helping to define what issues and concerns are most important to local communities and for filling in gaps in mainstream media coverage. She also made a case for an open media environment, where citizen journalists could present different and opposing versions of a story—or different opinions on an issue—and engage in a conversation around them.

Finally, in an interview for OurBlook.com, Clark discusses the vision for a new public media that she laid out in the publication of Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics and the potential of social media tools like Twitter for allowing people to connect and work together.