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More Public Media 2.0

What’s new in the world of Public Media 2.0? In a field that evolves with every online innovation, it’s not an easy question to answer. That’s why we created the Public Media 2.0 Showcase. The Showcase highlights innovative media projects for public knowledge and action. In recent weeks the showcase has covered everything from how GPS-enabled smart phones are helping citizens be stewards of their own communities to the possibilities of adapting open source software practices in the production of open source media projects. To keep pace with all the innovation, the Center for Social Media recruited two new research fellows, Nina Keim and Katie Donnelly, who will be searching out the latest public media 2.0 trends and publishing even more field reports. Katie will be posting weekly updates to the blog so be sure to check back often for the latest Public Media 2.0 news. To check out the Showcase now, click here. If you know others who might be interested in the Public Media 2.0 Showcase, be sure to send them a link to this short video slideshow.