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Low on Lindens? The sweatshop beckons...

Sundance brought us more than glitz and glamour in ’08. This year, New Frontiers on Main showcased the best of what’s new (and in fashion) for media for public knowledge and action.

This year’s must-have accessory? Double Happiness jeans, made by indentured avatars in a sweatshop in the virtual world of Second Life. Avatars (this could be you!) work their factory shifts in exchange for virtual plots of SL property. Customers at Sundance were invited to order their jeans from the sweat shop (choices include skinny leg and "Boyfriend" styles), then watch as a giant printer delivered their order on a cotton canvas. A couple of passes through a sewing machine to fit the pieces together, and you and your telematically manufactured jeans are all set to go.

The installation, titled Invisible Threads, is a collaboration between Eyebeam fellow Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg, an artist and educator who specializes in the creation of "solicitous interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires."

Click here to see a video.

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