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Ford Foundation Public Media Grantees Driving Innovation in the New Year

With the start of the new year, the Ford Foundation’s Future of Public Media Initiative grantees, an alliance of leading nonprofits, continue with the work and initiatives that shape the face of public media for the future. Below are some of the projects that they have been working on:

Public Radio Capital is using PRC's newly capitalized Public Radio Fund for short-term financing of radio acquisitions and is managing confidential transactions to expand public radio services in several top media markets.

Link TV is collaborating with the Russell Foundation and the One Nation organization to launch the One Nation Online Film Contest, an initiative that uses public media to reveal commonalities among Americans and to challenge stereotypes of Muslims.

PBS's The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer is incorporating innovative election coverage in its programming, using the latest web 2.0 tools to provide interactive, comprehensive coverage from the NewsHour team.

WGBH Boston is continuing its research into the ways in which copyright law and business practices in the digital age are affecting public broadcasting and is also collaborating with law students from Harvard's Berkman Center on a series of in-depth inquiries into legal practice and history.

PRX has a new site for youth radio groups called Generation PRX, which combines a social network with ways to share audio before it gets posted to the main PRX marketplace and puts the latest networking tools in the hands of young people.

ITVS held an online competition in partnership with the American Film Institute (AFI) inviting contestants to use Getty Images footage and clips from an episode of Independent Lens to create their own short films using the EyeSpot online editing tool. The project, called FILMOCRACY, brings new, creative life to old content.

The Sundance Institute, in collaboration with the Skoll Foundation, announced a $3 million, three-year partnership to launch STORIES OF CHANGE, an initiative allowing visionary social entrepreneurs and exemplary documentary filmmakers to collaborate and to create new projects informing contemporary public thought and advancing the innovative approaches found in both fields. The inaugural convening for the Sundance Skoll partnership will be held at Sundance Film Festival '08.