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Fair Use

The True Cost of DRM: What Can't We Do Now?

Few consumer electronic technologies have been more contentious than Digital Rights Management (DRM). With companies like Apple and AOL offering DRM-free music, will this protection become a thing of the past? And now that movies are becoming easier to download, how is DRM being applied? These issues and more were recently addressed by panel on Digital Rights Management at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.



New Study Shows Mashups and Remixes Could Be Using Copyrighted Material Lawfully

When college kids make mashups of Hollywood movies, are they violating the law? Not necessarily, according to the latest study on copyright and creativity from the Center and American University’s Washington College of Law.

Internationalization of Fair Use at Sheffield Film Festival

By Pat Aufderheide, reporting on a panel she chaired at the Sheffield Film Festival on international issues in licensing for documentary films. Read more...

Right wing politicians claim Fair Use in political campaigns

Right wing bloggers and MoveOn recently joined forces to protest Fox News Channel after the network sent cease and desist letters to Republican presidential candidate John McCain. These cease and desist letters came after Mr. McCain used footage from a Fox News clip in one of his campaign advertisements. The advertisement uses 19 seconds of a 90 minute debate. Mr. McCain’s lawyers claim he is within the rights of Fair Use.

Learn more about it here.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Guidelines bring common sense to online video content protection

The Center has endorsed a sensible and much-needed set of guidelines from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for managing the use of copyrighted material in online video. Online video has become territory for First Amendment brawls, as content companies have demanded "takedowns" of videos that use some copyrighted material--even when it might be perfectly legal to do so under Fair Use. Read more...