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Use Your Exemptions

US CopyrightAre you a teacher, a student, a maker, a DVD owner, an owner of a smartphone or an iPad? You may have something to say to the Copyright Office very soon.

The first filings are in to the Copyright Office, to ask for three-year exemptions to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s criminal penalties for breaking encryption on digital files.  All the exemptions argue that users’ and creators’ rights under fair use are violated by such penalties, and that people who are in a particular group of users and who are breaking encryption not to pirate material but to employ their fair use rights, should have an exemption. All the filers will want comments from users.

Here are some of the arguments:

For more, check out the filings at the Copyright Office. If you want to connect with the people and organizations leading these efforts to win DMCA exemptions in order to employ fair use, you can either contact the legal clinic or organization that prepared the filing, or contact us at socialmedia@american.edu and we’ll put you in touch.