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Major insurers all accept Fair Use!

Fair Use claims are now accepted by the four major U.S. insurance companies for errors-and-omissions insurance of Fair Use claims (AIG, MediaPro, ChubbPro, and OneBeacon). The companies' acceptance of these claims is perhaps the best gauge of the adoption of Fair Use in general, and the Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use in particular, since insurance companies are both the ultimate gatekeepers for television documentary and also historically cautious to adopt practices that involve risk. Major insurers are now newly interested in projects relying on Fair Use, with all requiring a legal letter of opinion about its principles. The Statement made such a letter of opinion far easier to write than ever before and has opened the doors for documentary filmmakers to make possible more and better documentary work, all without jeopardizing the strength of copyright ownership. Be sure to check back for more news in Fair Use.