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Fair use without fear, this week at Amherst, Columbia, Arts Engine and UnionDocs! Oh, and with prizes

Patricia AufderheideIf you're in the Amherst College area, or in New York during the week of October 24th , perhaps we'll meet and have a chance to talk about exercising our free speech rights under the fair use doctrine without fear. We're having group brainstorming, and prizes! Here are the opportunities: 

October 24th, Amherst College: Thanks to sterling colleagues Martha Fuentes-Bautista and Marilyn Billings, I'll be talking about transcending the paranoid "copyright wars" rhetoric that is far too prevalent, both on the left and the right, in talking about the genuine need to rebalance copyright and promote creativity. They tell me that professors, students, activists, librarians and scholars will be there. Join us! 

October 27th, Columbia University: My good friend Michael Schudson and his excellent colleagues in the library and the law school have teamed up to sponsor a discussion of fair use, copyright, and how to make research on the topic both relevant and meaningful. I understand that librarians, legal scholars, journalism professionals, communication scholars and students will all be present. You are welcome! 

October 28th, Media That Matters, Arts Engine: I will have the honor of presenting a workshop on fair use and free speech to young filmmakers and people who teach them. This conference, hosted by the immensely productive and creative media arts organization Arts Engine, is one we are the presenting sponsors for, so I am particularly honored to be part of it. 

October 29th, UnionDocs: I'm excited to see this micro-cinema venue about which I have heard so much. It's in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, and supposed to be a spot where artistic community building happens. I'll be doing a workshop on fair use and the creative process--filmmakers, photogs, journalists, and others of all kinds are welcome--in conjunction with my brilliant filmmaker buddy David Van Taylor. After we're done, the amazing David Grubin is going to show his latest work and discuss use of archival footage in filmmaking. 

Please spread the word!