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Fair Use Video of the Month

The Center for Social Media would like to welcome Elisa Kreisinger as a contributor to our blog!  Elisa is "a feminist video remixer making better stories about women that don't revolve around men (or babies!) through remix storytelling."  You can check out her work, including her most popular remix work of Sex and the City at her website.

Here, she offers her choice for fair use video of the month. If you love it and feel inspired to make your own video, check out our Code of Best Practices in Online Video and Elisa's free remix resources and start remixing!

As one of the few characters in popular culture who embody the problem with no name, Betty’s flaws in this Mad Men supercut, Ugly Betty, converge at the intersection of the personal and political and exemplify the ways in which we are quick to scrutinize mothers, both fictional and non, without fully acknowledging the cultural and political complexities of their situations.

Source Material: Mad Men
Why It's Fair Use: Comment and Critique of Source Material