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AP Partners with Media Non Profits

As noted in our white paper Public Media 2.0: Dynamic Engaged Publics, the rise of web 2.0 interactivity brings dramatic developments to the field of media. If media outlets don't begin to use more participatory models, they run the risk of extinction. The same is true for not only public media but traditional media outlets as well. In order to address the decline in high quality journalism, the Associate Press has partnered with media non profits to extend its breadth of investigative reporting. Rather than the entire model shifting to highlight the nonprofit stream of information, this is a case where the leaders within the current model are bending to meet the nonprofits half way. Today, the AP announced a new partnership with four nonprofit investigative journalist organizations. The Center for Investigative Reporting, the Center for Public Integrity, ProPublica and Investigative Reporting Workshop (a partner and fellow Center under American University's School of Communication) are among the organizations that will work closely with the Associate Press to ensure full use of this high quality in depth investigative work.