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Academic Award for Fair Use

Center director Pat Aufderheide will be honored in June at the International Communication Association's annual conference in Singapore. An ICA committee of communication scholars selected Aufderheide's research on fair use and free speech for a Communication Research as an Agent of Change Award. The award is for "research that has a demonstrable impact on practice outside the academy, with clear benefits to the community." Since 2004, Aufderheide has worked on expanding access to fair use to the benefit of creativity, cultural production, and freedom of speech. Her work on codes of best practices in fair use has been conducted in conjunction with Prof. Peter Jaszi and the Program on Intellectual Property and Information Justice at the Washington College of Law at American University.

The ICA is the leading academic association in communication for social science scholarship. ICA is co-producing, with the Center, a code of best practices in fair use for communication scholarship in June, also to be released at the conference. It builds upon research into problems in the field, published in April jointly by the Center and ICA, "Clipping Our Own Wings: Copyright and Creativity in Communication Research".