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The American Revolution: A conversation with filmmaker, Bill Lichtenstein

Bill Lichtenstein interviewing WBCN's Charles Laquidara for film,  Photo credit: Jay Rooney

WBCN brought humanity to the airwaves; a new rhythm to life; a cast of characters we loved and identified with (Charles, Sam, Tommy, Jim, Bill, JJ, Mississippi, Al...); music which evolved as the world changed; real news reflecting real happenings, without the taint of corporate America (thanks to Danny Schechter); and a sense of community that brought several generations together. We lived and loved well, and through it all was WBCN. I think we all need to reconnect with those values and realize how important WBCN was to us, and to the community.”

Dan Beach (kickstarter supporter and WBCN listener)

Reflections on The Interrupters: Screening | Poetry Reading | Community Dialogue

Panelists at Interrupters ScreeningIn the dark theater, with the credits still rolling, I could hear sniffles to my right and excited whispers to my left. As the brightening lights gradually illuminated the crowd seated around me, their faces reflected what my ears had already suggested – that this film had resonated deeply with this audience and they were now eager to share their thoughts and their experiences. I felt privileged to be witnessing first hand the tremendous social impact that powerful storytelling like this can have. And to see a film inspire such immediate response and community dialogue affirmed for me that I was pursuing the right line of work. The Interrupters was truly a model for Media that Matters if I ever did see one.