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ICA Preconference: Remapping Public Media--registration still open until May 3

On May 22, the Center for Social Media will be sponsoring a preconference as part of the International Communication Associations yearly conference. It will build upon the Center for Social Media’s Mapping Public Media project, directed by 6. Clark heads up CSM's Future of Public Media project, funded by the Ford Foundation.Read more...

Success in Alternative Distribution

By Laurie Moy, Graduate Student, American University, School of Communication, International Media Program

For most directors, going from Hollywood to YouTube would be a demotion. But for Robert Greenwald the move from the silver screen to the computer screen was part of a "personal transformation."Read more...

Fair Use Question About Non-Profits Using Music


Dear CSM, I am interested in streaming audio on my organization's website. More specifically, we want to stream a song on each of our issue pages. We want to find songs that reflect our positions on issues. What kind of music can we stream? We are a tax exempt 527 organization.


- "Green Change"

Digital Storytelling – A Movement in the Making

The Center for Social Media welcomed Stefani Sese, of the Center for Digital Storytelling, who led a discussion on the growing role that digital storytelling has in advocacy campaigns. She initiated the discussion by defining digital storytelling as "something between slideshow a PowerPoint presentation, and a documentary." Read more...