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Beyond Broadcast: Maps as Public Media

While traditional maps have often been a tool of colonialism and top-town government, maps are becoming a form of public media and a democratic tool, noted Future of Public Media Project Director 6.

With the emergence of free and open source tools that make mapping and visualization much easier, maps are a "rising and vibrant form of participatory media," she said. Read more...

Community Media Hub: Community and Ethnic Media on the Map

Beyond Broadcast’s stellar line-up of participatory public media demonstrations will include a community media hub – a showcase of community, independent and ethnic media maps, resources and interactive experiments. Read more...

Find your place on the map at Beyond Broadcast 2008

With less than a week to go before the 2008 Beyond Broadcast conference, we’re looking forward to a fantastic line-up of public media leaders and innovators, offering the chance to learn about the latest emerging practices and technologies in media for public knowledge and action.Read more...

The Rise and Fall of the Public Service Publisher


Sacred Game, a Latino Thriller, the Journal

As a director, my main goal is to be a storyteller by way of visuals, dialogue and cinematic form. I am a strong believer in teamwork and the art of collaboration. When a director is surrounded by strong, creative and passionate artists and crafters who bring their unique gifts and talents to a project, the director’s vision is not only accomplished, but the entire process and outcome is enhanced. Every aspect is taken to a higher level. Such was the experience with SACRED GAME. Read more...