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Who is doing social media training?

A handful of us in the
social media space are moving ahead with the idea of planning a
series of Social Media Innovation Camps around the country. Two weeks
ago 6 posed the question, Could
"Social Media Innovation Camps" help power ground-up public media?

Activating the Archive

Last week I visited Chimpanzee Productions for a sneak preview of an unprecedented experiment in marrying documentary filmmaking with multiplatform social networking.Read more...

Civic media training

Everybody is doing social media these days. But who's doing social
media training? More specifically, training sessions for public media--or if you will,
public-spirited social media or civic media.

Who's holding workshops?

What kind of information are you including that's specific to the public interest, or civic action?

Who are your primary target communities for these workshops?

Please post your comments below, or email me at jdlasica[at]gmail[.]com.

Live from Main Street: Independent outlets band together to hone in on election issues

Flip to a primetime news show or crack open a newspaper and chances are you’ll see a variation on the day's news story surrounding the 2008 presidential election: Mr. Future President attends this church. Mr. Future President had that medical examination yesterday. Lipstick.Read more...

A Peek Under the Hood of the NPR API

Public broadcasting is in a moment of experimentation, moving beyond traditional broadcast platforms and structures and trying to reach publics where they live and work, through issues that they care about. Large structural innovations—like the release of the NPR application programming interface (API) in late July—are combining with experimentation by stations, staffers and audiences to create new uses for public media content. Read more...