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Silverdocs 2010: Distribution Dialogues

This week at Silverdocs I had the chance to sit in on two fantastic doc distribution panels. The first was with experienced industry professionals: Letting Go of Your "Baby" … or Not. Distribution in 2010, What is a Filmmaker to do?


Byron Hurt, director, producer, writer


Diana Holtzberg, vice president/USA Operations, Films Transit

Louise Rosen, managing director, Louise Rosen, Ltd.

Silverdocs June 21 - 27, 2010

Silverdocs Join the Center for Social Media and American University's School of Communication at Silverdocs, Documentary Festival June 21 - 27. You can find the complete schedule at the Silverdocs website; listed here are special events for you to consider including two panel discussions with Center Director, Pat Aufderheide. See you at the docs! 


What's your app?

Tabula Rasa 2010Two million iPads have been unboxed in just a few weeks. Only one question remains: What’s your app?

Call to Action from Games for Change (G4C)

How do games function as social media? Should documentary film folks pay attention to gaming? I went to the Seventh Annual Games for Change Festival (G4C) in New York City to find out. I quickly discovered what so many people in the audience already knew--that games are an integral part of the social media landscape. Panelists challenged not just game developers but all new media makers to go beyond assembling spectator audiences to establishing concrete action plans for social change.

Academic Award for Fair Use

Center director Pat Aufderheide will be honored in June at the International Communication Association's annual conference in Singapore. An ICA committee of communication scholars selected Aufderheide's research on fair use and free speech for a Communication Research as an Agent of Change Award. Read more...